Contributing to this documentation

Contribute to this documentation

You can find the repository here: Microshare Documentation.

This documentation is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages at

It can be run locally by following the Jekyll installation instructions. Run with bundle exec jekyll serve.

Writing new articles

The documentation articles are written in Markdown, and you can find the files in the docs folder.

To add a new article, head to _data/docs.yml and add the title of the article. Then create a file with the same title in the desired folder in the docs folder.

Add images

Use the _includes/image.html helper to add images to your content, simply :

<img class="img-fluid" src="/assets/img/banner.jpg" alt="Banner" width=""/>

And replace the url with the path to your image (usually in the /assets/img folder) and add a description.

If needed, you can set the width of your image with the width parameter, for example:

<img class="img-fluid" src="/assets/img/banner.jpg" alt="Banner" width="250px"/>

Add Code Snippets

Syntax highlighting of code snippets is supported using Rouge. To include a code snippet, just use the dedicated tag as below:

<figure class="highlight"><pre><code class="language-http" data-lang="http"><span class="err">  </span><span class="nf">POST</span> <span class="nn">/share/:recType</span> <span class="k">HTTP</span><span class="o">/</span><span class="m">1.1</span>
<span class="s">  Host:</span>
<span class="s">  Content-Type: application/json</span>
<span class="s">  Authorization: Bearer </span>
<span class="s">  {</span>
<span class="s">    "hello": "world"</span>
<span class="s">  }</span></code></pre></figure>

A list of tags and supported languages is available at List of supported languages and lexers