Technical Overview

Designed for embedded systems


  • The platform is built as a series of tightly coupled microservices which can be used independently to support your own offering.
  • The entire stack operates as JSON based RESTful API calls, making it easy to interoperate with other systems.
  • Data can be stored both in our Data Lake and in any other storage on-premise or in the cloud.

Runs everywhere

  • microshareâ„¢ can run as-a-service from our secure cloud.
  • We can run all or part of the service in your Data Center.
  • We can also run directly on devices.

Proven embedded

  • Part of the Microshareâ„¢ platform has already successfully been integrated in other software by large publicly traded enterprise software companies.
  • Proven code quality through seamless integration and external audits (e.g. Black Duck).