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Managing access for other accounts

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Providing Client Access via Microshare to the identity

If you are the administrator of an identity you will be able to add people to that identity. To better understand the identities you can read our identity guide.

1. To determine user access, first log into Microshare.

2. Head over to the Manage tab. From there click on the Keys tab.


3. Then go under the Organization tab.


4. If you are the administrator of an identity the users button will appear next to it. As you can see here the account is administrator of the External Identity and not Microshare Default. Here you can click on specific users next to the identity that you want to add them too.


5. Add the client’s email address in the email section.


6. Choose whether or not the person you are adding is admin. If you choose yes, this person will have the same rights as you for this identity. You can also add roles for information purposes.

7. Click the add button.

8. Repeat for the other users as necessary.

9. Then the user will directly receive the following email. The email will invite the user to create an account if he doesn’t have one.


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