Why Microshare™?

Microshare™'s patent-pending Policy Fabric™ enables the IoT economy.


Why Microshare?

Billions of new devices are coming online every year generating zettabytes of new data. How will you enable selective, timely and controlled sharing of that data while maintaining integrity, privacy and security?

Data Manipulation

Store it

From Bluetooth to LoRa to Zigbee, we bring together IoT data from all sources and sensors.

Enrich it

Add on-premise or cloud data with our APIData universal connectors.

Process it

Use our APIFlow process engine to automate data and work.

Microshare it

Allow access to only the parties you want.

Digital Twinning


Digital Twin: a virtual representation or model of a physical space.

Microshare uses digital twinning to connect you to your environment in a variety of our solution.


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