Route packets from Kerlink SPN to Microshare™

This this configuration, we assume that you have followed the quick start. You should know how to generate a Pipe Token, and what a recType is.

To route all new packets recevied by a Kerlink gateway to your Microshare account:

  • Login to your Kerlink SPN
  • Go to Configuration -> Service (on the left hand side tabs)

  • There will be 3 fields to fill in as follow:
    1. in hostname, enter
    2. in port 443
    3. in path enter /share/:recType/token/:pipeToken/ and replace :recType by the record type you have selected for this data, and :pipeToken by the pipe token you have generated.
  • All packets should be redirected to your Microshare account, and stored with the selected recType
  • If it doesn’t seem to be the case, open the Logs tab on the SPN. One of the logs menu should indicate if there is an error on packet routing.

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