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Some platforms offer RESTful APIs to request for the data they store, such as Orange Live Objects, Bouygues Telecom Objenious, Sierra AirVantage, or Cumulocity.
In that case you can setup a scheduled Robot to perform GET calls to your IoT platform periodically.
You are at liberty to setup your Robot script the way you want, to decide when and what to store as a microshare from that data.
Below is a sample Robot script that performs a data pull from Orange LiveObjects, storing all pulled IoT packets to the microsahre data lake:

  var lib = require('./libs/helpers');

  function main(text, auth) {
      //setting up the recType to save the result under
      var recType = 'orange.liveobjects.siconia';

      // Setting up the data pull GET call to Orange LiveObjects
      var liveObjectDevEui = 'myDeviceDevEUI';
      var liveObjectsUrl = '' + liveObjectDevEui + '!uplink';
      var liveObjectsHeaders = {};
      liveObjectsHeaders["X-API-Key"] = "myLiveObjectsApikey";
      liveObjectsHeaders.Accept = 'application/json';

      // Performing the pull data GET call to LiveObjects
      var liveObjectsResponse = lib.get(liveObjectsUrl, liveObjectsHeaders);

      // Saving every packet to the microshare data lake
          lib.write(recType, packet, auth, ['liveObjects']);

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