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This guide will walk you through getting an authentication token to work with the Microshare Demo API. You will first need to follow the API Quick Start Guide to get your key and get started with Postman. Only after you have completed that walkthrough can you move on to the following steps.


1. With your Postman environment setup, you can authenticate to the service by running the request Authentication -> Request token for the collection. Select the Request token POST call on the right hand side and hit the send button. If you have all the proper credentials established from the API Quick Start Guide, you should receive your token in the yellow box marked below.

Successful password token call

2. An access token, valid for 48 hours, is generated and returned under the access token key in the result set.

Note: You could run the Authentication -> Request Pipe token request to generate a token valid for an unlimited time BUT that can only be used to post data to the Microshare platform (no read). Such a token is convenient to setup a routed stream of IoT data from another platform.

Successful pipe token call

Note: All generated tokens can be found, copied or revoked from the Manage -> Key -> Tokens screen in Microshare. If you didn’t copy the pipe token immediately after the call, Log into your Microshare account., go to Manage -> Key -> Tokensand find the Pipe token. Copy it!

Token revocation page

3. The access token was automatically pasted in your Postman environment. It is used by the other API calls to ensure that it is YOU who is querying the data.

Now that you have completed authentication, you can now make your first requests.

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