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An introduction to the Microshare™ API

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We have created APIs specifically for demonstration to show you how Microshare works.

To try them out, you will need a Microshare account on the dev platform. Please follow this tutorial if you do not already have one.

Afterword, you will need to create your API key and set up Postman as guided in the Quick Start.
1. Get an API key
2. Setup Postman

Once completed, you will need to follow the authentication tutorials.

It is imprortant that you understand how these requests work as we will add an extra parameter.

When you make a request, a request token is required at the end of the call:


Once you have created and specified your request token, by pressing the Send button, you should see something similar to the following if all your specifications are correct:

authentification demo

This will allow you to join the Demo’s identity at runtime .

Once completed, you can now make share API and make complex data reading queries!

A. Simple request

The next objective is to make simple queries to read the demo data by following this tutorial. On this demo API, you can use the following recTypes (or endpoints) to request information! You will add these recTypes to the field circled in yellow below.

WARNING : This data is not real data and is provided solely for demo purposes.

We give you the opportunity to see how the data will flow through the API, so you can see the essence of the data structure. If you want to focus on the meaning of the data, and the temporal or geographical correlations, we advise you to install some of our sensors to get a real data flow.

Temperature : io.microshare.demo.environment.unpacked

Fridge : io.microshare.demo.fridge.unpacked

Water Temperature : io.microshare.demo.water.pipe.unpacked

AirQuality : io.microshare.demo.airquality.unpacked

Decibels Monitoring : io.microshare.demo.sound.unpacked

Brightness Monitoring : io.microshare.demo.light.unpacked

Open-Close Monitoring : io.microshare.demo.openclose.unpacked

Leak Detection :

Leak : io.microshare.demo.leak.unpacked

Asset Zoning : io.microshare.demo.assetzoning.unpacked.event

Contact Tracing :

Desk, Room, Bathroom, Hospital Beds (occupancy/activity) : io.microshare.demo.motion.unpacked

Feedback :


simple request demo

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