Why LoRaWan?

Why do we think LoRaWan is the best IoT technology?

LoRaWan Technology

  1. Introduction
  2. LoRaWan Advantages

1. Introduction

This portion of the documentation will familiarize you with LoRaWan technology and the networks, devices and gateways that make it all happen. But why does Microshare choose to employ LoRaWan technology in their solutions? This guide will address that frequently asked question.

If are interested in more technical information on these points, make sure to visit the LoRaWan Technology page..

2. LoRaWan Advantages

Long Range

LoRaWan is a long range form of communication allowing your devices to operate within sections of buildings without the connection issues that accompany Wifi or Bluetooth. A single LoRaWan gateway will allow you to cover your entire building without disturbing your network. LoRaWan coverage allows our indoor devices to communicate with a gateway that is 15km (9.3mi) away.

Long Battery Life

LoRaWan technology is remarkable more energy efficient, giving your device’s original battery a life of 5 to 7 years.


Our devices have an effortless installation process using our Deploy—M application. Stick your devices to the wall and plug them in to get started. All of the device management is performed through our easy to use Microshare platform.


LoRaWan communication is significantly more secure than the WiFi alternative, applying complex encryptions and a different secure signal. With WiFi devices there is a concern of a possible entry into your network, which is not a risk forLoRaWan device.

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