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How to install a Microshare™ Solution

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  1. What needs to be installed?
  2. Requirements
  3. Steps

What needs to be installed?

The main priority of the installation process is to get the client’s devices collecting data as quickly as possible. Before installation, it is crucial that you understand what and why you are installing by reading the following page discussing LoRaWan technology:

> LoRaWan Technology

In brief, LoRaWan devices send data using Lora signal to the gateway or a public network. The gateway/ public network is connected to the internet through WiFI, ethernet or 3G/4G/5G. The data then makes its way through the internet to the cloud where it is then processed and digested for the intended dashboard.

Here is a visual representation of the process:

LoRaWan Network

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During the process of installation, it is crucial that you confirm that both the sensors and the gateway(s) are properly installed and transmitting information.


To prepare a successful installation, it is best to check a few points:

Before installation you should…

  • have prepared the necessary quantity of sensors and gateways.
  • Know the location of the sensors and gateways in advance.
  • Have downloaded the Deploy-M application.
  • Learned how to use Deploy-M.
  • Have prepared the prerequisites for using Deploy-M.
  • Have all the necessary fixations for sensors and gateways (3M Stickers, Tabs Brackets, Velcro stickers …).
  • Have all the necessary tools for installation.


To set up your system, you will:

> 1. First install the Gateways.
> 2. Install the Devices.
> 3. Use Deploy-M for a more efficient installation.
> 4. Finally, Validate that the installation was successful.

If you have any questions, you can have a look at our FAQ about installations page.

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