The Advanced Developer's Roadmap to Microshare™

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  1. Introduction
  2. Creating Robots
  3. Creating Admin API with Microshare’s API
  4. Working with Identities
  5. Creating Dashboards
  6. Data Management


What else can a developer do?

Once you have completed the Novice Developer’s Roadmap, the advanced developer is prepared to use the materials under the Microshare Platform Advanced section and follow the following steps:

1. Creating Robots

A Robot is an actor that automates the tasks associated with transforming, enriching, and annotating your data. Use the Robots Guide to learn how you can create robots to automate tasks within your system. Additionally, the Robots Guide will go over the alerts setting, allowing you to create notifications for when an event occurs. Upon completion, the Robots Library is a great resource to find examples of robots in action.

2. Creating Admin API with Microshare’s API

Now that you have become familar with creating share API with Microshare’s API, its now time to communicate with the API to draw more information using complex requests.

3. Working with Identities

Through the Identity Guide, you will find that different identities have different access to viewing, creating, and owning information. Understanding the applications of different identities will better allow you to determine who gets to see certain information and have access to certain robots, devices, clusters and rules when working for different clients of Microshare.

4. Creating Dashboards

Dashboards will allow you to organize apps together and eliminate clutter on you manage page. This will be especially useful for grouping a client’s apps together. Although the Dashboards Guide is not under the advanced section, the guide dives heavily into advanced material.

5. Data Management/ Workflow

Finally, you will learn how to manage your data within Microshare. Microshare no longer uses robots for data ingestion and unpacking, but the guides will be a great resource to understanding what the new method is doing and how powerful the applications of robots can be. The path of data management is:

1. Data Ingestion
2. Data Unpacking
3. Data Unpacking by Robots
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