Kerlink iFemtocell

How do I set it up?

The Kerlink iFemtocell receives radio transmissions from the Microshare IoT devices in and around your building and uses an integrated Ethernet or cellular/mobile connection to send data securely to the Microshare Smart Network. Please make sure your selected physical install location will allow for a good cellular signal and is central to the IoT devices you will use in your facility. Contact Microshare if you have any doubts on the best place to install the gateway. Bad placement will result in poor performance of the overall system.

LoRaWan Technology

Microshare delivers Kerlink iFemtocells pre-configured and if required with a 4G USB dongle already activated. All you need to do to have your LoRaWAN network up and running is to:
1. Re-assemble the parts
2. Plug into a mains power source and wait for the connection to be established

Box contents:

LoRaWan Technology

1x Kerlink iFemtocell carrier-grade LoRaWAN™ gateway
1x Kerlink high-gain antenna
1x Power adapter (region-specific)
[Optionally] 1x 4G USB key


LoRaWan Technology

Step 1

Screw the antenna to the gold connector on the right-hand side of the iFemtocell

LoRaWan Technology

Step 2

If using an external 4G dongle, Insert the 4G dongle to the USB port on the other side of the iFemtocell. You may need to gently force the dongle to go all the way in.
If using Ethernet, Insert a standard Ethernet cable with a RJ45 connector into the appropriate port on the side of the iFemtocell.

LoRaWan Technology

Step 3

Plug the power adapter into the iFemtocell

Power On

LoRaWan Technology

Step 4
  • Plug the power adapter into a mains power socket.
  • After approximately 2-3 minutes, the first two lights on the iFemtocell should turn solid green.

You’re all done! Please send an email to to indicate the Gateway is up and running so we can confirm at our end.

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