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Setting up your devices

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  1. Possibilities
  2. Device Cluster Creation
  3. Add a device

1. Possibilities

There are two installation methods for your devices.

The second, simpler method requires you to first create the device cluster on Microshare, then use the Deploy-M mobile app to scan your devices and indicate the device locations in real time. Both methods warrant the creation of the device cluster before adding the devices.

Note: Device clusters are managed by the admin hence coordination and communication with your admin on the placement of the devices are essential for a successful installation.

2. Device Cluster Creation

A device cluster is a group of devices of like type – usually physically located in the same place. Device clusters can be further used to logically divide devices into functional groups, whose data is intended to be displayed or analyzed together in a single representation or visualization. Device clusters and their applications are further discussed on this page.

For example, say that we have temperature devices that we want to install in our building.

We know:

the type of device: Tabs Environment TBHV100

the global location: Europe,UK,London,Paddington,5 Merchant Square

the use case: temperature management

We can now create the device cluster. As previously described, the device cluster are normally on the main administrator account. The administrator creates the device cluster. You will simply make a request to the administrator of your entity to create the necessary device cluster.

3. Add a device

Once the device cluster has been created, all that remains is to add the devices. You can follow the device cluster guide to add the devices the old way.

Alternatively, download the Deploy-M application and follow this tutorial to set up your devices through the mobile app.

> Deploy-M Guide

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