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  2. LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway Installation
  3. What’s in the box?
  4. Installation Instructions

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LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway Installation

The LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway from Microshare receives radio transmissions from the deployed Microshare IoT devices in and around your building and uses a standard Ethernet connection to your network, or alternatively the integrated cellular/mobile connection to send data securely to the Microshare Smart Network™.

The gateway is very easy to install for either the wired or wireless methods. In both cases it is usually a case of plugging in the equipment and within a few minutes it will be up and running, with the wired option offering improved data transmission reliability. The LoRaWAN gateway is a radio device and therefore will perform better when installed away from large metallic objects and partitions.

If using the cellular (4G) Backhaul option, optimal performance will be obtained if your selected physical installation location allows for a good cellular signal and is centrally located to the IoT devices you will use in your facility. Microshare can assist you to help you make the most of your installation.

What’s in the box?

In terms of deploying quickly, the Indoor Gateway can be plugged into your existing network via a standard Ethernet cable to a switch or router with Internet access. Alternatively, if adding to a network is not an option the gateway is delivered pre-configured with the 4G SIM card already activated. Inside the box you will find the Indoor Gateway, the device antenna, the power supply unit and an Ethernet cable. Installation enables IoT device connectivity and access to data through the Microshare Smart Network API, or alerts and data dashboards via Microshare Business Tools™.

Microshare delivers the Kerlink iFemtocell Evolution Gateway ready for addition to your existing IT network. All you need to do to have your LoRaWAN network up and running is to:

  1. Connect the antenna.
  2. Plug into a main power source.
  3. Connnect to your network with an Ethernet cable and wait 1-2 minutes for the connection to be established.

Installation Instructions

1. Unboxing the gateway

Remove all of the components from the box and remove all packaging from the devices. The box contains Indoor Gateway(s), device antenna(s) and power supply utility(ies).

LoRaWan Technology

2. Connecting the antenna

Screw the antenna to the gold connector on the right-hand side of the gateway.

LoRaWan Technology

3. Power the Gateway

Plug the power adaptor into the power socket on the gateway.

LoRaWan Technology

Plug the power adaptor into an electricity outlet (the LED’s on the device will be red, showing that power is on).

LoRaWan Technology

4. Connecting to your network

Plug a standard Ethernet cable with Internet access into your gateway.

LoRaWan Technology
After 1-2 minutes, the two LEDs on the front will turn solid green, your LoRaWAN gateway is now up and running and your sensors can be deployed in your building.
LoRaWan Technology LoRaWan Technology

Your all done! Please email to indicate that your gateway is up and running, so that we can confirm at our end.

4A. Post Installation

In most cases when connecting to an existing network, the gateway should communicate immediately. If not, your network administrator may need to open the following Ports:

  • Protocol: OpenVPN
  • Port: 1194 UDP

  • Protocol: ICMP
  • (no port number required)

For additional security, the 2 above protocols can be restricted to our Server’s IP address: You may also want to deploy our gateways on a dedicated VLAN for additional separation from your network.

4B. Installing your gateway using the preconfigured 4G backhaul option

As an alternative to deploying the Indoor Gateway on your existing network, Microshare delivers the Kerlink iFemtocell Evolution pre-configured with a 4G SIM card already activated. Be aware that certain applications such as Contact Tracing and Asset zoning require a very strong connection to the Internet and may not operate properly if 4G signal is not adequate where you install the gateway.

If using 4G, simply follow these steps:

  1. Connect the antenna
  2. Plug into a mains power source 
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes for the SIM card connection to be established and the 2 LED’s will turn solid green to show connection is made.

You’re all done!

Please email to indicate your gateway is up and running, so that we can confirm at our end.

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